Completed projects

Here you can see some completed projects by ES Services with before and after photos and a brief description of what was done.
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Project: Getting Ready For Sale a 5 Bedroom, Split Level Home

Scope: Flooring, Painting, New Kitchen, Quartz Countertops

This split level home had been a wonderful place to raise a family over the years but now it was time to sell and to maximize their return, the sellers decided to renovate the whole home and bring it to a modern level starting with removing the sunshine ceiling and change to LED pot lights and beautiful gloss white kitchen cabinets.
It was decided not to follow the original U shaped kitchen as there was already plenty of counter space and this way it gives a more open feeling to the kitchen showing off the beautiful quartz countertops that are complimented by the colour chosen for the vinyl plank flooring.
With the U shape gone, it also opened up the dining area. Many buyers want a large dining area to host family gatherings even if it is only once or twice a year.
Lighter colours on the walls, contrasting white trim and new vinyl plank flooring on the main level has really helped to open up and brighten up this home.
A single choice of flooring on the main level helps to tie the rooms together.
From being dark and cramped, this home now looks and feels brighter and more open simply by choosing the right colours and using better lighting.
The main level received vinyl plank flooring but the other 3 levels all got new upgraded carpet and upgraded underlay for a luxurious and warm feel underfoot. The oak trim looked dated so it was all sprayed white.
The ceiling fan was changed to a normal light so the master bedroom felt bigger. New blinds for all the windows ensures they all look their best. New carpet and fully painted to match the rest of the home.
The master en-suite was transformed by quartz countertops, vinyl flooring and fresh paint, all matching the rest of the home for consistency.
The main bathroom also received quartz countertop and vinyl flooring so everything ties in together resulting in a more professional renovation.
All the bedroom ceiling fans were changed to normal light fittings so the room feels bigger. New blinds, new outlets and new carpet to round off the package.
Feature walls can look great but it is important to pick the right wall and the right colour. Using a single lighter colour for the bedrooms makes them feel more spacious and will appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Project: Getting Ready For Sale a 3 Bed Half Duplex after tenant damage

Scope: Landscape, Flooring, Painting, Blinds, Cleaning

This half duplex was tenant occupied before they got evicted and left behind a big mess. Curb appeal was improved on the outside as this home was going up for sale.
Inside, it was a real mess too and several things were broken and needed to be replaced.
A lot of junk was removed and several days spent just cleaning.
Freshly cleaned, new blinds and fully painted plus we found a new home for the piano.
Glass doors in the cabinetry were broken so these had to be replaced so everything matched.
New carpet upstairs, new blinds on all the windows and fully painted throughout.
New carpet upstairs as it was badly stained and all walls, doors and trim painted plus new blinds was a cost effective means to make this home liveable again.
All the bathrooms were gross and needed a thorough cleaning even before walls could be painted.
New carpet and fresh can quickly transform any tired space.
Black walls required an extra couple coats of paint so the final colours look consistant and the ceiling needed to be sprayed to cover the tenants clumsy use of a paint roller.
From a dark and depressing room, to one you would be happy to spend the night in.
No room was immune to the damage those tenants caused but after the renovations were finished, the home sold very quickly.
To do things properly is very simple. Patch all the walls, spray all the doors and trim gloss white, roller finish all walls in a light warm colour that still has sufficient contrast to the trim, and brand new flooring in a colour that both compliments and highlights.
The basement was dark and unfriendly so once again a light warm paint colour helps plus luxurious carpet underfoot turns this space into somewhere you actually want to spend time.
The laundry was messy and uninviting. New vinyl flooring, boxes around utilities and fresh paint helped transform it into a respectable laundry where you could feel good about doing a load on wash days.
The back yard was so neglected that it called for new sod to quickly bring it back to a presentable condition for sale and with it being summer, a twice daily watering schedule was arranged along with mowing so it would always look its best.

Project: Getting Ready For Sale a House With Legal Basement Suite

Scope: Landscape, Deck, Roof, Windows, 2 Kitchens, 3 Bathrooms, Flooring, Painting, Lights, Blinds

When we first saw this place the kitchen was a mess. Some walls were removed to open it up. New vinyl plank thoughout, new gloss white cabinets, new appliances and an abundance of pot lights in the ceiling to really brighten it up, plus the whole home was painted in warm and inviting colours.
The master en-suite wasn’t very functional so the toilet was moved to make a better layout and a full width shower could then be installed.
The main bathroom was quite dated so it was all removed and all three bathrooms were upgraded in similar style.
This home has a legal suite but it was getting neglected so a total of 2 brand new kitchens were installed.
The basement bathroom was really quite gross so everything was removed and redone to match the upstairs.
The raised deck at the back was rotten and the enclosed area underneath was getting nasty so it was all opened up and a brand new deck built.
Several large trees were removed to open up the front. The grading was redone and paths mud-jacked so they had the correct slope, plus a brand new roof.
The whole exterior of the home was sprayed to highlight the trim around the windows and add curb appeal. Several new windows were installed plus a new front door and new stonework beside it.

Project: Getting Ready For Sale a 3 bed Townhouse with minimal budget

Scope: Vinyl plank Main Floor, Painting

This townhouse had been rented for several years and the carpet was badly stained and walls looked like a patchwork quilt but sellers were on a tight budget so only the main floor received new vinyl plank flooring but the whole house was patched and painted properly throughout.
The upstairs carpet was cleaned and detailed several times until it was presentable and all walls were painted in bright warm colours so the home feels nice and welcoming.
The master bedroom transformed its energy once the pinky browny greyish walls were painted in a bright warm colour resembling the original showhome colours.

Project: Getting Ready For Sale a 2 Bed Condo U of A area

Scope: Flooring, Painting, Lights, Blinds

Over-all, the colours in this home were too bold so the flooring was upgraded to vinyl plank with extra sound proofing and walls painted in lighter, more modern shades.
Better lighting and neutral wall colour help to improve the feel of the place along with painting kitchen cupboards to make it look newer.
The wall colour in the master bedroom was a very strong and dark colour that was just too dominating even though it had good contrast to the trim.
The colours in the en-suite and closet were just too dark making it un-inviting.
Little girls love pink bedrooms but little girls are not looking to buy condos so the whole unit was repainted in modern neutral tones so it would appeal to more buyers.

Project: Getting Ready For Sale a 2 Bed Condo with water damage

Scope: Flooring, Painting, Bathroom, Lights, Blinds

Engineered Flooring had been water damaged so replaced with modern laminate throughout and repainted all walls in a lighter colour to brighten up the unit since it was north facing.
Fireplace surround needed to be replaced so it would compliment the new flooring and wall colour.
The Master bedroom carpet was badly stained plus the en-suite bathroom had water damage from a broken shower mixer so the whole bathroom was gutted and redone.
Second bedroom looked small and cramped due to the dark curtain and organizer in the closet, plus the sliding door was broken.
Brightening up the entrance way is critical when you are selling as it makes a better first impression.