COMMERCIAL Renovations Edmonton

E.S.Services Ltd is proud to serve commercial clients in Edmonton and all across the Greater Edmonton Area.

At E.S.Services Ltd we have extensive experience with commercial projects including office, retail and industrial projects. We have cost effective solutions and competitive prices for companies throughout the Greater Edmonton Area.

Our contractors have years of experience with all types of commercial property so we can ensure everyone’s complete satisfaction. We only use the best, hand selected materials to ensure the quality of our work. Our licensed and experienced staff are always supervised by a project manager to ensure that you only have to deal with one person.

With Ltd you can put your mind at ease!

Commercial Building Design & Build

There are those instances that a company would want to improve their space by starting fresh. More than just improving the looks of the property, you want to design and build it exactly as your business demands, often with innovation and creativity. Such companies are usually left with the option of sourcing for designers to come up with unique and innovative ideas that are essential for customer satisfaction, comfort, and enjoyment. As a family company with over a decade of experience, we provide a solution for such plans. We offer you complete comfort and seamless process from start to finish. This has gained us positive reviews from our clients who keep contracting us whenever they have renovation works in Edmonton.
Interior renovation

Office Renovations


If building new is not on the books for you then an office renovation is.  As a company, we can offer your organization some of the best and cost effective packages to give your office the makeover it needs. Free site consultations to generate quotations for the commercial renovation. We also seek views from clients on each and every facet of the renovation being offered. As such, we are able to come up with detailed customized designs and build up plans for such ventures. With a unique touch on office spaces, we guarantee our clients improved aesthetic features to promote comfort in the shortest turn-around time. This is made possible by our well-equipped team and the experience we have had over the years. For an improved workspace in Edmonton, business enterprises with the renovation of construction works are assured of our services.

Industrial Renovations

We are proud to offer our experienced and skilled staff for the renovation of industrial structures within Edmonton. Our staff members are well-versed with the remodeling of industrial spaces, industrial flooring, and upgrading of electrical services during commercial renovations. This can be attributed to the diversity in the specialization of our team. All these are done in accordance with the unique needs of the specific industry that contracts us here in Edmonton.
Living room

Retail Renovations


Retail renovations form another category of commercial renovation. These are mandatory for any business with a retail store front in a large city as poorly kept stores struggle to keep customers.

Renovations are also important when converting a previously non-retail space into one. If your re-modelling project entails removal of any walls we see to it that such exercises are undertaken appropriately. And you can rest assured as we are fully licensed and insured.